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Coming Soon: New Foreclosure Deals – June 2017

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Hot new investment opportunities in the North area of Metroplex: rare foreclosures coming soon on the market. How soon? That depends on a number of factors.

Today I can announce 3 new foreclosure deals in Plano and Little Elm. Do not look for those foreclosure somewhere else, because you cannot find it, yet, until will be too late! At this time only a limited number of people are aware about the deals.

Rare foreclosure in the Cloisters neighborhood, a house with 2,354 sf and an in-ground pool. Median home value is $325,000. Based on my initial preview this will be a very good buy!

Second Plano foreclosure is in the Prestondale neighborhood, a very good location near Preston Rd, and Bush Turnpike. I have seen this house last year. Has an average exterior condition, no visible major issues. This house is a one story 1,751 sf. Median sale price in neighborhood $320,000. I have to predict,  good investment!

The third foreclosure is in Little Elm.  This is a single story house with 1,148 sf, situated on a half-acre. This is a very small subdivision with homes built in the 1960s and 1970s. No recent activity. This house will be listed way under $100,000

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