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Foreclosures in North Dallas

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There are still few good deals available for investors and some not too good. Here are new listing in North Dallas and Collin County:

  1. 2221 Huskey St – Garland. List price: $104,900. Lots of work needed here. Potential market value, after repairs and updates, between  $135,000 and $145,000. Median sale price in the neighborhood is $129,500.
  2. 5321 McCommas Blvd in Dallas. List price: $395,000. Market value as is, probably around $415,000. With repairs and other improvements, this one could go up to $450,000 to $470,000. Not a bad deal. Median sale price in the neighborhood is $527,899.
  3. 2805 Bedfordshire Land In Dallas. List price: $274,900. This is priced almost at the market value.I have to say that the value is between $290,000 and $300,000. Of course with updating and necessary repairs can go a little bit higher. Median sale price in this neighborhood is $347,000.

My recommendation is for 5321 McCommas Blvd, which seems to have the best return on the investment.

Contact me right now to arrange a viewing and to have an in-depth analysis.

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