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Marketing Your Home

Marketing your home to buyers will take multiple steps: some done by the Realtor, some done by you – the seller and other steps done by service professionals, to ensure a smooth sale.

Things that we do when marketing your home for sale:


Many homeowners don’t know what staging is or how valuable it is when selling a house. If you desire, as a seller, we are offering professional stager. The result might make you to not wanting to sell the house. Just kidding! You will be impressed by the new look of your house.

Professional Photos

Many property photos are awful. In fact, there is a website devoted to showcasing bad real estate photography. While we take photos for quick listing and marketing, we are also offering professional photos to be used in all marketing. There is no cost for the seller.

Virtual Tour

Professional virtual tour is good tool in helping the marketing. We offer this service at no cost for seller.

Open Houses

Open houses could be a good idea to attract potential buyers. A major draw-back: many people just curios to see the interior, not really serious buyers. On the other hand, this could be a security concern. In the current strong seller market, probably an open house will have a  minimal effect on attracting buyers. However, if the house is vacant, an open house will make sense: no personal belongings inside to attract unwanted people, and to be honest: as an agent there are multiple opportunities to talk to potential buyers.



First and foremost we will market the home to our fellow Realtors. After that we will use all the available sites where buyers are looking for their next home. Main sites will be;,,,


We will do an email marketing campaign, first target are the other Realtors in the immediate market; than will be a list of potential buyers.


Property will be listed immediately in Multiple Listings Services, so all agents from our market will know about this new listing.

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