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Turbulence Ahead in Murphy!

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Renner Road Extension Proposal in Murphy

North Central Texas Council of Governments is proposing to extend the Renner Road in Murphy another mile or so, to Maxwell Creek Road. Good idea for many drivers, unless you are living the Timbers neighborhood of Murphy.

Of course, entire neighborhood will have traffic going through this neighborhood, but the worst is for about 30 homeowners that will have to sell their houses to state (Eminent Domain!), at very “fair market price” that State will be willing to pay.

If this project moves forward, the homeowners affected will lose money, because the State will not offer the market value for their house, and also entire neighborhood might suffer a loss in home values.

Better for the homeowners and the City of Murphy to oppose this strange road project. Why the smart people have not thought at the roads 25 years ago?

This is what is happening when a rural area is becoming urbanized.



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